Heather Mitchell, SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist 


Heather graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) in 2004 with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology after having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada) in 2001. She also has a certificate in Social Services from Conestoga College (Ontario, Canada). Heather has extensive experience working with children and their families, teachers, community daycares and early learning centres in various areas across Ontario, Canada, Chicago and Grand Cayman.

Heather has vast experience collaborating with childcare teachers, early learning centre staff, and other professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, doctors and ABA therapists. She previously worked at a children’s developmental and mental health agency providing services to families with children that have significant developmental and behavioral challenges. During that time she was awarded a placement on the childcare team in which she provided services within several childcare centres, working closely with early childhood educators, providing consultation and instruction on communication development, literacy and play skills. She has worked with families and teachers from various cultural, ethnic and socio economic backgrounds and believes strongly that all children deserve the right to equal services and opportunities. Her experience includes working with children with varying communication needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Global Developmental delays, genetic conditions and syndromes, learning difficulties, ADHD, expressive and receptive language delays, articulation and phonological delays and disorders, feeding difficulties as well as with behavioural and mental challenges and environmental needs.


Heather is trained and certified in the Hanen ® programs “Learning Language and Loving It” as well as the “Teacher Talk” program which are evidence based courses designed to teach early childhood educators core strategies that will help them create rich and stimulating learning environments to promote the social, language and literacy development for all children including those with special needs and second language learners. Heather has had the opportunity and privilege of providing the “Teacher Talk” (Hanen ®) training to more than 30 teachers in at least 5 different childcare centres in Grand Cayman, establishing an excellent working relationship, collaboration and consultative network with many centres and staff. In addition, Heather has provided the training entitled “Sharing Sensitive News” (Hanen ®) a course designed to coach early childhood educators on how to discuss with parents concerns regarding their child’s development in an empathetic and strategic manner. Heather has provided this workshop to more than 40 teachers in at least 5 different childcare centres in Grand Cayman.


Heather is also trained and certified in the Hanen ® programs “It Takes Two to Talk” a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for effectively engaging parents in their child’s early language intervention and “More Than Words” an evidence-based program focusing on family-centered techniques to teach parents how to enhance the communication skills of children with Autism.


Heather believes strongly in working closely with classroom teachers and early childhood educators in order to promote a positive learning experience for all children and is passionate about helping to create language rich and stimulating environments for all children in all settings.


Certifications include:

  • Hanen ® Instructor “Learning Language and Loving It” (“Teacher Talk”)
  • Hanen ® Instructor “It Takes Two to Talk”
  • Hanen ® Instructor “More than Words”
  • PROMPT Trained:
  • “Introduction to PROMPT Technique
  • “Bridging Technique to Intervention”
  • Introduction to DIR and DIR Floortime


Training and Workshops attended by Heather:

  • Gender Differences in Language Development kin the Preschool Years
  • Hanen ® Seminars:
  • Telegraphic Speech – Should We or Shouldn’t We?
  • Coaching Parents in How to Play
  • Sharing Sensitive News
  • Teaching Tuning In – Practical Strategies to promote Theory of Mind for Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • First Steps – A Diagnostic Intervention for Toddlers with Suspected Motor Speech Difficulties
  • PECS Basic Training
  • Stuttering Intervention (Stuttering 101, Treating the Whole Disorder, Stuttering and the Family)
  • Play-Based Intervention
  • Enhancing Pretend Play Skills in Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Infant Development
  • Being Born Premature: Long-Term Learning Outcomes
  • Prevention of Medical Errors