Inclusive Classroom Support

The role of the “Inclusive Classroom Learning Support Aide” is to implement recommendations of various educational specialists (i.e. occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists and educational psychologists) in the classroom environment for children with individual learning needs so that they can perform to their full potential.

Step 1: If you feel your child is in need of additional assistance in the classroom discuss with your child’s teacher. From there you can decide whether your child requires an assessment by a qualified educational psychologist, occupational therapist and/or a speech and language pathologist.

Step 2: After an assessment has been completed if the child warrants aide in the classroom a plan will be created to implement the recommendations made by the various specialists.

Step 3: The inclusive classroom support aide (ICLS aide) will assist the teacher with the special learning needs of the child.

Step 4: The ICLS will set goals for specific skills and implement the recommendations made by the specialists and classroom teacher.

Step 5: The ICLS aide will maintain regular contact with specialists as the child progresses through their individualized plan.

Step 6 : The ICLS aide will maintain regular contact with the parents to ensure there is a home/school collaboration.