Hanen: Teacher Talk®

Training Information

A Hanen training series based on Learning Language and Loving It- The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers.  This training is offered in a 3 part series.  

PART A- Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings

Play and daily routines provide opportunities to create enriched, interactive language-learning environments that include all children. This training will discuss how to foster language development through daily interactions.

Learn how to:

  • identify the children’s conversational
    styles and the roles teachers play
  • let the child lead in individual and
    group interactions
  • help children become better
    conversational partners

PART B- Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy

As caregivers of young children, you have a very important role to play in laying the foundation for the development of reading and writing skills. This training will discuss the important links between oral language development and literacy.

Learn how to:

  • help children develop positive attitudes
    towards the use of print
  • make reading and writing a natural,
    meaningful part of the day
  • use book reading as a time for
    interaction and conversation

Prerequisite: Completion of Training A

PART C- Fostering Peer Interaction in Early Childhood Settings

Children with poor language and social skills may have difficulty initiating and maintaining interactions with their peers, and may find themselves left out and socially isolated. This training will discuss how to provide a physical and social environment that encourages peer interaction.

Learn how to:

  • make the best use of space in your classroom
  • provide materials and activities that promote peer interaction
  • support children’s interactions with peers

Prerequisite: Completion of Training A 

FLYER:  Teacher Talk Flyer Summer 2018